From the Creator of HakaFish.com

My interest in fishing began when I was a young boy. I grew up on Cape Cod, surrounded by ponds and sea. I would fresh water fish with my father and uncles, and then later, in my teens, with my brother and friends. But it wasn’t until I was twenty-one years old that I decided to try fishing for striped bass off the beach in Chatham. It was a late July evening and I drove out to the light house at the entrance of StageHarbor with a bucket of eels. After battling two or three eels that tied my line in knots, I finally got one in the water. Then it happened. FISH ON! I landed my first keeper–a 40″ Striper. That night I fell in love with the ocean.

To this day I still love the strike. It’s the most exciting part of the fight. Now, I am passing my passion on to my own children and fish all the time (or as often as my wife lets me). Stripers, Tuna, Bluefish, Codfish, Sharks, Squid. You name it, I’ve reeled it. I started this website so we can experience each others stories. I love watching the excitement build on peoples faces as they bring in the big one. And now, with your help, we can all watch as you fish for the story of a lifetime!

People have asked me where I got the name Hakafish. Ironically, it comes from my days playing on dry land, when I was a part of the Boston Rugby Football Club. Then, and now, I also enjoyed watching the game on tv–I especially loved watching the New Zealand All Blacks warm up for a match. They would assemble at midfield and perform the “haka dance” a tribal war dance designed to intimidate their opponents. I always found it inspiring. That inspiration has followed me from dry land to the sea and although I don’t dance around my boat, I like to fish with the same energy.

Tight lines,
Thank you for visiting our website,
David Burnie Jr.